Seyhan Canyakan

Seyhan Canyakan

Seyhan Canyakan

Born in 1978 İzmir, Turkey, Seyhan Canyakan started taking piano lessons at the age of nine from a professor Yalçın Geldi who is graduated from Hacettepe University Musicology Departmant. At the same time he worked with his father  and with other musicians. One of these musicians is Hüsnü Şenlendirici, who is his childhood friend and the most important person for him to work with.

After his graduation from highschool, he worked as a musician and aranjor and in 1998 he became a student of Niğde University, the Department of Music Education, Branch of Piano. While he was studying at university, as a musician, he took place at some musician’s studio and concert performances. He graduated from university in 2002 and started to work as a music teacher.

While his 23 years music life, he carried out successful works in so many areas such as  producer to producing advertisement musics. In 1998, he composed and recorded the musics of the play, ‘Kadınlık Bizde Kalsın’, which was written by Yılmaz Erdoğan and Balıkesir State Performers. Furthermore, the musician’s four compositions, Yağmur Zamanı, Al da Gel Ey Aşk, Seni Beklerken and Sol Yanım Sızlıyor took place in poet Dr. Hüseyin Balkancı’s book which was published in 1998 and includes the compositions of important Turkish Music Composers such as Avni Anıl, Selahattin İçli, Sıtkı Sahil, Erol Sayan.

Composer has been working on electronic music since 2005, and his compositions have  released world's most important dance music sites Dance-Tunes, Junodownload, Djd, , and in many clubs abroad.

In 2010, composer carried out the music album of the book ‘ Children Music with Orff Instruments’ written by the Music Department Chair of Balıkesir University, Associate Professor Cansebil Tebiş.

In the same year the composer signed edition accords with Audiosparx centered in the United States, Shockwave-Sound centered in Norway and Ton4Music centered in Vienna, Austuria. The compositions composed by musician are being distributed all over the world through these companies for use in various projects. In 2011, composer’s six songs took place in six diffirent albums under the Rosenklang label dance music category.

In February 2011, composer signed edisyon accord with one of Turkey’s most famous music companies BML’s  JingleHouse and composer’s works are being marketed and distrubitued by BML to domestic and foreign companies. Composer focuses on a single genre, as well as works in a wide range of musical style from world music to electronic music. Musician still works as a teacher  but at the same time he works on electronic music and soundtracks in his own studio. Moreover, he is a masters student in Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Music Sience and Technologies.

He is married and has one son.

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